January 23, 2010

The Economist Covers Ukraine…

The Economist covered Ukraine's presidential election in couple recent issues. But this week's print edition has TWO articles about Ukraine, including an article in the Leaders section: An Orange and Two Lemons and Five Years on in Kiev. My first reaction is that someone rushed to write these articles. I've found at least ten points which were overlooked. I don't want even to mention that the map of Ukraine has a weird format so that some provinces have Russian spelling while others have Ukrainian spelling. I hope that whoever wrote those articles knows that Ukrainian is the official language in Ukraine as much as Russian is the official language in Russia.

I want to hear your opinions about these articles. How many mistakes will you find?

1 comment:

  1. Fun. I've just read comments from the Economist about the second article. Readers already started taking it apart. First, Viktor Yanukovich is not picture left. He is picture right. lol. Second, the Economsit has completely wrong date about public support of NATO and EU.