January 14, 2010

Assorted Links: 2010 Ukraine’s Presidential Election

  1. Ukraine's Presidential Election goes Twitter! If you are really interested in following Ukraine's Presidential Elections on Twitter, here is a site: http://www.electua.org/. However, I should warn you that most twits are in either Russian or Ukrainian.
  2. The Jamestown Foundation Blog has a very interesting post about the supposedly rising popularity of the technical presidential candidate, Mr. Tihipko. Tammy Lynch asks the following question: "Can Tihipko Spoil Tymoshenko's First-Round Party?". My answer is "NO" unless all reputable public opinion surveys had a really awful margin of error.
  3. Wikipedia has a page devoted to the 2010 Ukraine's Presidential Election. This page has a nice summary table that demonstrates a change in public support of main presidential candidates. Btw, I've never heard about the Research and Branding Group before. Have you? But it seems to be a very popular research organization in this particular table.


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  1. another good post on ukrainian election: http://www.themonkeycage.org/2010/01/2010_ukrainian_presidential_election_round_1.html