January 23, 2010

Ukraine gets F from the Heritage Foundation

According to GMU's standard grading policy, Ukraine got F from the Heritage Foundation. The Heritage Foundation' Index of Economic Freedom (IEF) ranks Ukraine as 162nd out of 179 countries with Uzbekistan (158th), Belarus (150th), Russia (143rd), and Tajikistan (128th).
According to the Heritage Foundation:
Ukraine’s economic freedom score is 46.4, making its economy the 162nd freest in the 2010 Index. Its score is 2.4 points lower than last year, reflecting reduced scores in six of the 10 economic freedoms. Ukraine is ranked 43rd out of 43 countries in the Europe region, and its overall score is lower than the world average.
I am speechless. Can you really take these rankings without a reasonable doubt? The authoritarian countries have higher index of economic freedom than Ukraine. Have you tried running private company in Belarus or Tajikistan? I also like the fact that the Property Rights Index did not change at all while most indicators of economic freedom went down. Shouldn't there be some correlation between diminishing economic freedom and property rights protection?

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  1. That's crazy. I hear you. I've to Uzbekistan. Don't recommend.