October 24, 2009

Ukrainian Cuisine

People often ask me about Ukrainian cuisine. What's that like? What do people eat in Ukraine? What are the most popular dishes? Ukrainians are a very carnivorous nation. Btw, there's a really funny movie Everything is Illuminated with Elijah Wood who plays a vegetarian American Jewish teenager who goes on a heritage trip to Ukraine. This movie has a funny episode that shows how hard it's to be a vegetarian in Ukraine.

Anyways, Ukrainian cuisine differs across Ukraine. In the West, most dishes are very close to Hungarian and Polish cuisine. In the South, you can really enjoy food if you are piscatorial. If you like spicy and kebab-type cuisine, you should go to Crimea that is the most Southern part of Ukraine. In the Eastern Ukraine, food is closer to Russian cuisine.

So here are my top three dishes from the Eastern Ukrainian cuisine:

  1. The Borscht. Topped with a sour cream. Main ingredients are sugar beets (they give it a red color), potatoes, carrots, and beef.
  2. Any kind of blintz. This picture shows you blintz stuffed with ground beef. They are usually served with a sour cream too.
  3. The potato pancakes aka dranniki. With a sour cream again.
From UkraineWatch
From UkraineWatch
From UkraineWatch

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