October 18, 2009

It’s a Final Countdown

For the fourth time in its history, Ukraine will have the presidential election. It will be less than in 90 days. The main competition will be between both pro-Russian politicians: prime-minister Tymoshenko and POR's front-runner Yanukovich. The Central Election Committee of Ukraine estimates that the government will have to spend at least $160 million on the elections. A registration fee for each presidential candidate is $314k.

According to the most recent public opinion poll SOCIS, the most popular presidential candidates are 59-yo Viktor Yanukovich (28.7%), 48-yo Yulia Tymoshenko (19%), and 35-yo Arsenyi Yatseniuk (8%). Ukraine's president Viktor Yushchenko enjoys only half of public support of another Orange Revolutionary, Yulia Tymoshenko. In terms of political ideology, Mrs. Tymoshenko represents the left-wing of Ukrainian politics, while Mr. Yanukovich poses himself as the right-wing and Mr. Yatseniuk is in the center. If we use analogy with the American politics, Ukraine's prime-minister is a socialist democrat where Mr. Yanukovich is a republican and Mr. Yatseniuk is independent.

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