September 20, 2009

Sir Elton John is Not Old to Adopt Ukrainian Child

Minister Pavlenko changes his argument about Sir Elton John's adoption of a 14-month-old HIV-positive Ukrainian orphan. Now Mr. Pavlenko says that baby Lev (that's orphan's name) is not an orphan and nobody has confirmed a fact of his HIV-positive status yet. So it turns out that this kid has a mother and an older brother who still have parental rights over him. Moreover, it is not clear yet whether the kid has HIV or not.

Well, it's all very interesting except for one tiny detail that baby Lev resides in the orphanage for the HIV-positive kids. What's going on? Mr. Pavlenko says that social workers are working with the mother and they are trying to persuade her to start a new life and take back baby Lev.

Anyways, Minister Pavlenko gave up his argument about Elton John's age after the Ukrainian mass media pointed to him that John's partner David Furnish met the age rule for the child adoption. Now Mr. Pavlenko says that Sir Elton John still cannot adopt baby Lev because the poor boy has a biological parent who has a priority for his re-adoption. It's a real mess.

Finally, Mr. Pavlenko says that mass media violated a privacy of the kid and his family when his name and health status got exposed in the media outlets all over the world. Well, what can I say? Minister Pavlenko does not like the Pareto improvement.

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