September 4, 2009

The Happy Planet Index Places Ukraine between Chad and Yemen

Here is a new index that I've just come across. The Happy Planet Index measures "the ecological efficiency with which human-being is delivered". The HPI consists of three measures: life expectancy (data comes from UN), life satisfaction (source: the World Values Survey), and ecological footprint (source: Ecological Footprint Atlas). According to the HPI, Ukraine and Latvia are the least satisfied countries among the FSU countries. Moreover, the Ukrainians enjoy their life a bit more than the Yemenis and a bit less than the Chadians. The ecological footprint situation is OK in Ukraine. Finally, Ukraine has a pretty high rate of life expectancy (67.7 years) as compared to the rest of the FSU region. Btw, data is a bit out of date but the HPI still provides a pretty easy comparative framework for the whole world.

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