December 15, 2010

Chernobyl as Tourist Hot Spot

The Wall Street Journal writes that Ukraine's government will turn Chernobyl into the official tourist spot for the upcoming EURO 2012. "Ukraine's Emergency Situations Ministry said Monday it is working on a plan to open the area around the defunct plant—where a reactor exploded on April 26, 1986, spreading radiation across the then-Soviet states of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia—to visitors starting next month.The ministry said radiation levels in certain parts of the so-called exclusion zone, which stretches 30 kilometers (19 miles) around the exploded reactor, were now returning to normal levels."
I am not sure whether it is a really cool place to go on a tour. It is a deserted city. Though it could be a hot spot for the extreme tourism. You can play paintball there or do a base-jumping from the roof of the nuclear power plant. It will be interesting to see what revenues the Chernobyl will generate in 2012. By the way, several tourist companies have already been running the unofficial Chernobyl tours. So the government will just make it de jure.

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