September 28, 2010

Facebook of Ukraine's Agriculture

 Let me introduce Volodimir Ambrossov (Professor at Kharkiv State Agricultural University) and Viktor Stotsky (former governor of Novodalazhsky county, Kharkiv province). They played and continue to play a very important part in the economic development of Ukraine’s agro-producing industry. I have a huge respect for them. Dr. Ambrossov and Mr. Stotsky are the faces of Ukraine’s agro-producing sector.

Dr. Ambrossov is a seminal figure in Ukraine’s land reform. He worked together with Pavlo Gaydutsky (former Director of Department of Agriculture) on the project of the 1999 Reform. Dr. Ambrossov is not an arm-chair agricultural economist. He served as President Kuchma’s representative in Kharkiv province. His main task was to advance the land reform and supervise the land privatization. Now he leads a consulting group that conducts analysis of agro-producing industry.
Mr. Stotsky actually knows Dr. Ambrossov very well. They were classmates when they went to Kharkiv State Agricultural University. Since then their paths have crossed many times though they chose different career paths. They are still friends. Mr. Stotsky started his career as a farm manager. Later he was elected as a governor of Novodalazhsky county in Kharkiv province. Now Mr. Stotsky serves as an economic adviser of Kharkiv deputy Shklets.

Dr. Volodimir Ambrossov.

Viktor Stotsky.

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