February 19, 2010

Stand-up Comedy Brightens Up a "Dismal Science"

Here is a couple of jokes from the economists:

ROBERT GORDON, Northwestern University: The fastest way for a billionaire to become a millionaire is to invest in airline stocks.

CAROLINE HOXBY, Stanford University: An economist, a sociologist and a psychologist are golfing together. And they are golfing behind a guy who is blind. And the psychologist said, you know, I really am trying to understand what must be going through this man's mind. And the sociologist says, oh, but, you know, think about the interesting social interactions that he's having with other people on the golf course. And the economist says, this is so inefficient. He should be playing at night.

in reference to: Stand-up Economist Finds the Light Side of a 'Dismal Science' | PBS NewsHour | Feb. 4, 2010 | PBS (view on Google Sidewiki)

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