December 25, 2009

Ukraine’s Traffic Police Can’t Have Favorites

Ukraine's best soccer player, Andrei Shevchenko, got into car accident couple weeks ago in a downtown of Kyiv, Ukraine's capital. Here is a video clip provided by Ukraine's TSN news from TV Chanel 1+1. Andrei's Porsche Panamera Turbo crashed into Honda SUV. As you can see on a video, a car accident is not very serious. Nobody got hurt. Both cars got lightly dented and scratched. Mr. Shevchenko told TSN news that a woman who was behind a steering wheel of Honda suddenly changed lanes without turning a blinker on. So he couldn't do a lot to avoid the crash.

What's interesting about this news report is that Mr. Shevchenko despite his mega-celebrity status in Ukraine presents himself as a down-to-earth person. He has no problems talking to a woman whose car he crashed into. Mr. Shevchenko also seems to be very easy-going with cops. It's funny when this woman asks Andrei: "So what's gonna be next?". And he says that they need to exchange their insurances and sign the protocol. Once again, Andrei's behavior is very far from what someone could expect from a mega celebrity. Moreover, it's impressive to see how cops do their work while they certainly go crazy inside because they can see their Soccer God just in a few feet away. The whole news report is very cool and makes you ponder on an efficiency of law and enforcement in Ukraine. Perhaps, a rule of law is not so bad in Ukraine that even Ukraine's biggest soccer star can't avoid a police report.

Btw, Andrei started in FC Dynamo Kyiv in the 1990s and his excellent goal-scoring skills were spotted by AC Milan's recruiters. He had several excellent seasons with AC Milan in Italy and later he played for London's FC Chelsea. Now he is finishing his career by playing for FC Dynamo Kyiv again.

Merry Christmas!!!

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