December 29, 2009

Gift Ideas for Winter Holidays!

Ukrainians say that a good book is the best gift ever. You can gift it to someone or you can always gift it to yourself and later gift it to someone else. J Then a good question will be: "Is there anything to read about Ukraine, Russia, and Eastern Europe?" I can recommend a couple of books for both intellectually stimulating and leisure reading.

Let's start with intellectually stimulating books:

  1. Awesome book about History of Ukraine by Orest SubtelnyUkraine: A History.

Now leisure reading:

  1. Always #1 is Everything is Illuminated. Or you can watch a movieEverything is Illuminated. Since I mentioned movies, you should really watch Eastern PromisesEastern Promises (Widescreen Edition). This movie is the best foreign depiction of the Russian underworld.

I also recommend reading these books from George Mason University's faculty. These books are not about Ukraine and Eastern Europe, but these books are really good for everyone who interested in understanding economics.

1. Challenging Institutional Analysis and Development by Peter Boettke and Paul Aligica

2. The Invisible Hook by Peter Leeson

3. Media, Development and Institutional Change by Peter Leeson and Chris Coyne


If you want to recommend other books, please feel free.

Happy New Year!

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