October 31, 2012

Big Family Election

Here are pretty cool observations from one of my friends about the 2012 Parliamentary Elections (ht Diana Cucos):
FYI: MP - member of parliament

MP of the Party of Regions (presidential party):

Viktor Yanukovych Jr. is MP. He is one of two sons of President Viktor Yanukovych (the Party of Regions). Viktor Yanukovych Sr. is a dentist who has recently joined the Forbes list of the 100 wealthiest people of Ukraine. How many fillings and crowns does it take to become a millionaire? Kids, you should become dentists.

Alexei Azarov is MP. His father is the Prime Minister Nikolay Azarov.

Peter Melnik is MP. He is the president of the Tax Administration University. Prime Minister Azarov is the god-father of Melnik's kid.

Viktor Baloga is MP. He is the director of the State Emergency Management Agency.

Baloga Jr. and Baloga Sr. who are Mr. Baloga's brothers are also MP. So all three brothers are MPs.

Andrei Kluev and his brother Sergei Kluev are MPs. Andrei Kluev is the Secretary of the Security Council.

Artem Pshonka is MP. He is the son of Viktor Pshonka who is the General Attorney of Ukraine.

Julia Levochkin is MP. Her brother is Sergei Levochkin who is the Director of the Yanukovych Admnistration.

Dobkin Jr. is MP. His brother is the odious governor of the Kharkiv province, Dmitry Dobkin. Until recently Dobkin Jr. has been admitted to the drug rehabilitation center in Switzerland.

Artem Semenyuk is MP. His father is the governor of the Chernovtsy province, Michael Papiev. The change of the last name was a cheap trick.

And this list goes on. I am just tired of translating the big family of the Party of Regions.

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