August 2, 2012

The TVi Case: TVi Scores while the Ukrainian Government Loses..

Ukraine's Tax Administration dropped the tax evasion charges against TVi's chief editor Mykola Kniazhytsky. It was a bit unexpected after all recent events. President Yanukovych allegedly ordered the Tax Administration to drop charges when the United Opposition offered Mr. Kniazhytsky a place in their party list for the upcoming parliamentary elections. I guess that the opposition television station TVi wins this battle. Does it mean that TVi and opposition win the upcoming major battle?

On the sad note, Ukraine's Department of Justice announced that the Klementiev homicide case was closed. Investigative journalist Klementiev went missing two years ago in Kharkiv where he was collecting material about several members of the Party of Regions. The Department of Justice says that former detective of the local Organized Crime Unit is the suspect in the Klementiev case. It starts reminding the infamous Gongadze case. 

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