February 29, 2012

AIER Summer Fellowship Program

Dear Friends,
As its alumnus, I would like to encourage economics students to apply for the 2012 Summer Fellowship Program organized by the American Institute for Economics Research located in a picturesque town, Great Barrington, in Massachusetts, USA.

For over 50 years, the AIER summer fellowship has provided direct training and financial support to students pursuing graduate degrees in economics. The program is designed to offer students advanced instruction on three subjects: useful procedures of scientific inquiry; the history of property rights; and sound money. These core seminars are supplemented by lectures from visiting scholars and speakers.

AIER is a non-profit research and educational organization, and most of our educational efforts are carried out through distribution of our publications to the general public. However, the Summer Fellowship Program also forms a key part of our efforts.

To learn more about this year's program, please visit our website at

Who is Eligible?  Gratuate students who are enrolled in a doctoral program in economics or an approved related field such as law and economics or financial history; or graduating college seniors who plan to be enrolled in such a program.

What is the Deadline for Applying? Applications must be received by March 23, 2012

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