October 19, 2010

Ukraine's First Lady Quotes Mises, Hayek, and Professor Peter J. Boettke!

I would not believe it if I did not read it myself. In the July issue of Ukraine's leading newspaper Pravda,
former first lady, Kateryna Yushchenko, quotes Mises, Hayek and ... my dissertation advisor, Professor Peter J. Boettke. Mrs. Yushchenko wrote her op-ed about free market debate in Ukraine. She makes excellent points.
Here is a link to the original and here is a link to the Google translation. Since the Google translation is not perfect, I just want to clarify it. Mrs. Yushchenko quotes Dr. Boettke drawing analogy of the heavily regulated market economy with the Olympic swimmer in shackles. She quotes Professor Boettke saying that "if you put shackles on legs and hands of the Olympic swimmer, wrap heavy chain around him, and drop him in the swimming pool, he will drown. But you still can't say that he can't swim." Neither you can say about the heavily regulated market economy that free market does not work. Really great op-ed!

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