November 3, 2009

Is a Post-American Europe Real?

Economist's Charlemagne blog features a new paper by the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) that weighs pros/cons of supposedly coming status quo change in the world politics:

The paper focuses on a clever and important thought, namely that America is well underway with its analysis on how to operate in a "post-American world", (ie, the much-discussed new world in which the brief post-Soviet era of unrivalled American hegemony has been challenged by the "rise of the others".)

The ECFR paper concludes: "Europeans might have more success if they worry a little less about what the US is up to and a little more about defining and asserting their own common interests in relation to Russia… They need to make it harder for the Russians to play on their divisions by presenting a more united front to Moscow, not just on issues such as energy but also on the wider economic relationship that is waiting to be developed to mutual benefit."

I recommend reading a section that contains concluding remarks. It starts on page 61. If that's the best what they could come up with, then … good luck with being "a post-American Europe". Btw, here is my op-ed at EU-Reporter about a post-American Ukraine.

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